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Spam Leis

Why is Spam such a popular food in Hawai'i?

People in Hawai’i eat almost 7 million cans of spam each year, as KHON2 reported in August 2023. In Hawaii’s SPAM Cookbook, Ann Kondo Corum describes spam as “Hawaii’s soul food,” that is “very much a part of Hawaii’s food legacy.” During World War II, troops and people in war torn countries ate Spam since it was an affordable, shelf stable protein source. After the war, locals continued to eat Spam and incorporated it into countless dishes such as Spam musubi, Spam noodle salad and Spam with eggs and ketchup, just to name a few. In Hawai’i restaurants, such as McDonalds, serve Spam. Spam is a very important part of Hawai’i’s cuisine and culture. 


Spam Musubi

A Spam Musubi (moo-sue-bee) is a snack made with grilled spam with sweet soy sauce glaze on top of rice wrapped in seaweed

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