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Artist Statement

I explore the relationships between humans and the public, private and personal spaces and objects they interact with. I take inspiration from observing everyday routines and traditions. In my work, I create a humorous, uncanny intimacy through a nonsensical juxtaposition of objects and environments that subverts their usual purposes. I make sculpture with a unique variety of mediums and found objects, and I employ photography and video to document performative interactions with the objects and environments I create.

I am interested in creating these strange relationships as a way to explore the sense of belonging and comfort humans innately search for in their everyday lives. Asking the viewer, “what does it mean to belong, to feel comfort and to experience joy?” My work provides humorous, yet sometimes unrealistic, solutions for finding these attributes.



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About the Artist

Jasmine Chock (b. Plano, TX) is a Chinese American artist based in Austin, TX. Chock works in a wide range of 3D materials, photography and video, including, but not limited to, sewing, ceramics, noodles, bathroom facilities and plastic bags. She graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art. She has shown work at the City of Austin Asian American Resource Center, The Museum of Human Achievement and the Visual Arts Center. She is an artist educator and has facilitated art making workshops with printmaking, clay and fiber arts in Austin, TX for students, seniors and adults of all abilities.

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