I am a student at The University of Texas at Austin working on a BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in sculpture, photography and printmaking.

Through my work I explore the rules of public, private and personal spaces for physical structure and human interaction. I am interested in what objects, actions and statements belong in which environments and how those rules create a feeling of security.


In making artwork, I create a humorous, uncanny intimacy through improperly juxtaposing environments and structures and through subverting the visual authority of objects. I make sculpture using sewing, text, bathroom facilities and more, and I use photography and video to document performative interactions with the objects and environments I create. 

I am interested in this because I think that humans innately desire to know that they belong in the environments they are in. It is unsettling to feel as if you do not belong in a place or have a place that belongs to you. Through my work I like to provide humorous, yet unrealistic, solutions and propositions to this discomfort.


Austin, TX

Email: jchock@utexas.edu

Instagram: @jasmineechock

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