Saltine Crackers

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  • April/May 2019

  • 16 x 4” x 4” prints

  • Intaglio Printmaking

Intaglio printmaking is a long process that requires etching a copper plate with ferric chloride and using various mark making techniques to achieve line and value. Ink goes into the recesses of the plate, made through the etching process, through spreading the ink onto the entire plate then using cheesecloth to wipe the surface clean of ink. It is a long, meticulous, step by step process that lends itself to drawing techniques. However, this process allows the image on the plate to be reproduced.

In making these cracker prints, I was thinking about how so many of the objects that we consume, such as foods, are made by a person/ a machine/ people and machines, but we don’t think about how these things are made. There is probably a specific process to making saltine crackers. They have to get holes punched in them, salted, toasted, etc. but they are consumed so quickly and nobody knows how they even came to exist to begin with.